Hello there :)...
First of all let me tell you a few things about me.I am Vinay
Giridhar. I was born and brought up in Kerala a beautiful south-western state of India! Let me give you a glimpse of my country with some random images found on the internet!!

I have been drawing and painting since I was little. So after finishing my secondary schooling, I knew, I wanted to do something art related in my life.

During year 2003-2004 I studied Diploma in Multimedia Animation with Intro. to Special Effects at Keltron Animation Campus, Trivandrum, India to study It was a Six months program, and served as a platform for my animation education.Then I went ahead and finished my bachelors degree, B A Animation and Graphic design from the Mahatma Gandhi University, kottayam, kerala.

Right after finishing my degree program, I got a job as Visualiser \Story board artist at Tetrixs Technologies, Cochin, India (www.tetrixs.com) where I became part of several interesting animation projects. After working at Tetrixs Technologies for almost an year and half ( Dec 2007 -April 2009), I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada to further my knowledge in 2D animation (Vancouver FIlm School), followed by Digital graphic design (Vancouver Community College).

I value the necessity of constant learning, and I feel the need to push my limits. As an artist I strive to refine my craft, to bring out the subtle essence of my ideas while keeping it true to my vision.